Selkie is a game that I created for the 35th Ludum Dare game jam. In a Ludum Dare game jam you have 3 days to create a video game from scratch, with a team or solo. The theme for Ludum Dare 35 was "Shapeshift". I thought it would be interesting to make a game about the shapeshifting mythical creatures, Selkies, who can shift between human and seal forms. And since a lot of mythology about Selkies is pretty tragic (humans stealing their pelts to prevent them from turning back into a seal and what have you), I wanted to make a feel-good Selkie game.

In my game you play as a Selkie mother trying to find fish to feed her pups. When you enter the water you become a seal, and when you go back to land you become a human. The main concept that I wanted to get done in time for the game jam is seducing a mortal man and then stealing his fish, which I thankfully was able to accomplish.


- Left and Right arrow keys: walk
- Space bar: flirt

- Hold space bar: swim
- Left and Right arrow keys (while swimming): aim swimming

To transform into a seal, just jump into the water. To transform back into a human, jump out of the water and land on land!


Ludum Dare entry page

Dev-log (on Tumblr)

My main portfolio website

The album all the music came from (my brother made it)
The tracks included in the game are: Laurel Seeds, Island Insects, Plum Island Swing

Thank you for playing!